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Feb 21, 2023 The Chapter House Pastor’s Roundtable: Lent and the Beatitudes , ,
Mar 31, 2022 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Lent is a Time for… Encouragement?
Feb 21, 2021 Sunday Teaching Into the Desert
Mar 31, 2019 Sunday Teaching Cutting Away
Mar 24, 2019 Sunday Teaching Mission Fatigue: Temptation & Repentance
Mar 17, 2019 Sunday Teaching Obnoxious Tourists with Heavenly Passports?
Mar 13, 2019 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Holy Week and Stations of the Tomb
Mar 13, 2019 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Jesus Set His Face… Talking about Lent ,
Mar 6, 2018 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Celtic Spirituality and Formation
Feb 18, 2018 Sunday Teaching Orientation
Feb 7, 2018 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA The Spirituality of the Psalms
Feb 5, 2018 The Chapter House On-Ramp: Lent
Jan 31, 2018 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA On-Ramp: Lent
Jan 23, 2018 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Talking about Lent ,
Nov 15, 2017 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Advent ,
May 21, 2017 Sunday Teaching Being and Doing on the Road to Emmaus
Mar 12, 2017 Sunday Teaching Nighttime Humility
Mar 5, 2017 Sunday Teaching Wilderness Temptations and Tiger Traps
Nov 29, 2015 Sunday Teaching Walgreens Doesn’t Announce the Coming of Christ
Mar 8, 2015 Sunday Teaching Are the Ten Commandments for Us?
Feb 22, 2015 Sunday Teaching The Covenant and the Cross
Mar 10, 2014 Sunday Teaching Bury an Alleluia

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