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May 14, 2023 Sunday Teaching Baptism and Salvation
Apr 23, 2023 Sunday Teaching Stairs and the Journey of Worship
Apr 16, 2023 Sunday Teaching Kingdom Foundations
May 22, 2022 Sunday Teaching Set and Let: Peace in the Time of Monkeypox
May 8, 2022 Sunday Teaching Vexation and Control
May 1, 2022 Sunday Teaching The Follow Me Cycle
May 9, 2021 Sunday Teaching God Loves You, Friend
May 2, 2021 Sunday Teaching How Do We Abide in Christ?
Apr 25, 2021 Sunday Teaching Names, Powers, and a Prayer for Spiritual Warfare
Apr 18, 2021 Sunday Teaching Children of the King
May 26, 2019 Sunday Teaching Through All Its Pulses Move
May 12, 2019 Sunday Teaching Enemy-Occupied Territory
May 5, 2019 Special Services Embracing the Sufferings of Christ
May 5, 2019 Sunday Teaching About the Journey to Jesus Process
Apr 28, 2019 Sunday Teaching Poster Boy for Telling God’s Big Story Boldly
May 9, 2018 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA He’s in the Lord’s Army
May 2, 2018 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Talking Ancient-Future Faith with Gary Rushing
Apr 28, 2018 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Talking about Covenant and Worship with Dr. Richard Leonard
Apr 22, 2018 Sunday Teaching Good Shepherd
Apr 23, 2018 The Chapter House On-Ramp: Eastertide
Apr 19, 2018 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Talking Life, Ministry, and Worship: Dr. Jonathan Powers
Apr 15, 2018 Sunday Teaching Knowing and Being and Hope
Apr 8, 2018 Sunday Teaching The Resurrection Changes Everything
Apr 5, 2018 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA A Legacy of Worship: Dr. James Hart, President of the Institute for Worship Studies
Apr 3, 2018 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Art, Life, and the Church: Dr. Dianne Collard
May 21, 2017 Sunday Teaching Being and Doing on the Road to Emmaus
May 14, 2017 Sunday Teaching You Can, Too
May 7, 2017 Sunday Teaching Sheep, Shepherds, and Listening
Apr 30, 2017 Sunday Teaching The Road to Emmaus
Apr 23, 2017 Sunday Teaching Emboldened and Empowered

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