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May 14, 2023 Sunday Teaching Baptism and Salvation
Feb 19, 2023 Sunday Teaching Moses, Elijah, Jesus, and Mountains
Jan 8, 2023 Sunday Teaching Baptism Matters
Aug 14, 2022 Sunday Teaching Divisions and Distinctions
Jan 9, 2022 Sunday Teaching Re-Creation at the Jordan River
Feb 19, 2020 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Transfiguration!
Jan 12, 2020 Sunday Teaching Jordan River to the Cross
Jan 13, 2019 Sunday Teaching Emptying and Humility
Jan 7, 2018 Sunday Teaching Three Surprising Things about the Ministry of John the Baptist
Apr 9, 2017 Sunday Teaching The Pathway to God’s Glory
Jan 8, 2017 Sunday Teaching Embrace Your Drowning
Dec 4, 2016 Sunday Teaching Fierce, Fiery, Burning, Glowing
Dec 1, 2016 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Learning to Lament
Jul 31, 2016 Sunday Teaching Fish Vomit and Baptism
Aug 5, 2016 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA What’s an Epiclesis?
Jul 24, 2016 Sunday Teaching Circumcision and Baptism
Aug 2, 2015 Sunday Teaching Call to Worship
Feb 1, 2014 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Baptism is the Code
Jul 30, 2010 Sunday Teaching In Semet Ipso: A Blueprint for Ancient-Future

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