Epiclesis 101 Coming in January

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Coming This January...

epiclesis1012015x2In college, did you ever stand in line to sign up for classes, only to discover that the one you most needed was already full? 

Or did a trusted buddy ever recommend, say, "Acoustics of Music" as an "easy A", but you later found out the hard way that it was much tougher than Western Civ? (Thanks a lot, Danny Ferguson).
Fear not, church family, because one of the best "classes" you've ever taken is coming this January. Even better, the "professor" is making house calls. Actually, you'll be going to his house: Pastor Chris and Sheila will be hosting the single session class in their home.
Called "Epiclesis 101", we'll be talking about everything from what makes us Ancient-Future and our theological distinctives to how to use the Revised Common Lectionary and following the Christian Year. 
By the way, if you have friends who are looking for a worshiping community, these sessions will be a great time to introduce them to Epiclesis.
So, make a mental note and be looking forward to a single session of Epiclesis 101 this January. It's an "easy A", we promise. 
There will be two or three different days and times to choose from to help with busy schedules. Stay tuned... we're working on the schedule now. Childcare is available.





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