We're Having a Spirit Storm

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matchesWhat's a Spirit Storm, you ask?

Mark Your Calendars for April 19...

Our community of faith is gathering right after church for a Missions Spirit Storm. (It's our name for a "brain storm" at Epiclesis). Here's what we're going to do: First, it's an "Eating Meeting", as Melody says, so bring something tasty to share. Next, plan on sharing what you think God may be saying to us about missional opportunities in 2015

And here's the most important thing: Between now and then, be earnestly praying, asking God for His direction and guidance. Missions isn't a program at Epiclesis; it's one of the active tasks of the church that we do together-- all of us. So, let's discern and plan and Spirit Storm together, too! See you on the 19th.







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